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    3. 生產基地


      閥門行業20余年的歷程中.,閩海閥門秉承“遵紀守法、以人為本”的指導思想,倡導“誠信、尊重、求同”的企業精神,不斷進取、勇于創新,在為廣大用戶提供優質可靠產品的同時,憑借精湛的生產工藝,優秀的管理制度以及先進的經營理念,生產能力不斷壯大,每年可達2億的閥門生產值,給海內外多家知名閥門企業提供最優質的品牌供貨保障和優秀的產品與服務,我們堅持“以市場為導向,以創新為動力,以質量求生存”,堅信“品牌本質就是產品 ”。

      Zhejiang Minhai Valve Co., Ltd. is a modern environmental protection production plant, the output of 200 million valves

      In the course of a valve industry for more than 20 years, adhering to the people-oriented to adhere to the fujian sea valve guiding ideology, advocates the spirit of good faith respect seek common enterprise, enterprising and innovation, in providing customers with high quality and reliable products at the same time, with advanced production technology, excellent management system and advanced management concept, production capacity has grown, valve production, 200 million annually to the valve of many famous enterprises at home and abroad to provide the best quality brand supply security and the outstanding products and services, we insist on taking market as the guidance, driven by innovation, strives for the survival by the quality, believe The essence of a brand is a product



      Zhejiang Minhai Valve Co., Ltd. is a well-known high-end control valve manufacturing enterprise at home and abroad is a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in high-end control valve research, design, manufacturing, sales, technical exchange and import and export trade in one of the international entity enterprises

      We serve the petrochemical, aerospace, aviation, national defense, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electric equipment, bio-pharmaceutical, medical equipment, food machinery, environmental protection, water treatment and other market fields