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    3. 研發中心

      科技研發創新是企業的核心競爭力,為了提高新產品的研發能力,公司組建了閩海技術研發中心,采用Auto CAD、Solidwors等技術及輔助設計系統,模擬工況,確保設計方案的精確、可靠與高效,可以針對性為特殊工況量身定制產品,更好滿足客戶的需求,為客戶提供高品質的產品,同時閩海技術研發團隊充分利用與各科研院校及海外各國的技術合作,將科研能力及研究成果與企業自主創新充分結合,把科技研發創新作為持久動力,把生產、學術、研究項結合作為關鍵環節,全面提升企業研發實力。

      Science and technology research and innovation is the core competitiveness of the enterprise. In order to improve the research and development ability of new products, the company has set up the Minhai Technology Research and Development Center. It adopts Auto CAD Solidwors and other technologies and auxiliary design system to simulate working conditions and ensure the accuracy of the design scheme Reliable and efficient, customized products can be targeted for special working conditions, better meet the needs of customers, providing customers with high quality products, at the same time make full use of fujian sea technology research and development team and the scientific research institutions and overseas countries and technical cooperation, scientific research ability and research results with a combination of enterprise independent innovation, the persistent development of science and technology innovation as a driving force, the production of academic research item as the key link, promote the enterprise comprehensive strength