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    3. 社會責任



      Zhejiang fujian sea valve co., LTD is a enterprise, which is closely linked with the major life our industry closely connected with the masses of the people's clothing the accomodation, everyone is yearning for a better life is our mission, his mind is also our power source, the fujian sea people to struggle strive hard for the better life of the people, will lead the business progress, create a better life concept part of people's lives every year in every minute every day

      ——Keep in mind the mission, we come for the good


      Charitable responsibility:To be a good corporate citizen, to contribute resources to society, and to improve the quality of life


      Theoretical responsibility: Ethical responsibility to do what is right, just and fair and to avoid harming the interests of stakeholders


      Legal responsibility:Abiding by the law is the integration of right and wrong laws in the society, and abiding by the rules of the game


      Economic responsibility: Almost all activities are based on profit


      Environmental responsibility:pay attention to environmental protection, pay attention to the earth's environment