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      ——  浙江閩海閥門有限公司全體同仁

      Dear friends:

      First of all, on behalf of all my colleagues, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the leading expert investors and friends from all walks of life who have been caring about us and supporting the development and progress of Zhejiang Minhai Valve Co., LTD

      We always adhere to the quality strives for the survival and fujian sea valve innovation strives for the development of business policy, after years of struggle, fujian sea valve products are widely used in many industrial valves as the core, national key project electrical import and export of international trade and investment across diverse industry sectors such as electronic information technology products are widely used in petroleum chemical industry and aerospace defense military hvac power equipment biological pharmaceutical medical equipment field of food machinery, environmental protection, such as water treatment industry

      We adhering to the people-oriented to adhere to the guiding ideology, advocates the spirit of good faith respect seek common enterprise, enterprising and innovation, in providing customers with high quality and reliable products at the same time, fully implement the people-oriented, creating value for customers business philosophy, adhere to market-oriented, innovation as the power, strives for the survival by the quality, efforts to achieve organizational systematic decision-making scientific management standardization work procedural efficiency of enterprise development goals, build with fujian sea valve characteristics make the permanent evergreen enterprise culture, serve the masses of users wholeheartedly

      Here, we warmly welcome friends at home and abroad to visit Minhai valve inspection and guidance, we look forward to achieving common growth and progress with you. Wish the leading expert investors and friends from all walks of life who care about us and support the development and progress of Zhejiang Minhai Valve Co., LTD., work smoothly and have a healthy and happy family

      Zhejiang Minhai Valve Co., LTD